Education & Consultation

At URS Medical, we believe in providing patient families with more than just medical supplies. Our goal is to make sure that you not only have the highest quality supplies, but also have access to useful education materials. Along with these resources, our staff is thoroughly trained and available for your utilization with any foreseeable questions you have. Below are tools from a few of our favorite organizations that we’ve collaborated with over the years.


The following are resources provided by The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation. Click here to view all education materials provided OR download guides below.

– Parent Guide PDF download (English)      – Parent Guide PDF download (Spanish)

  • Words of encouragment from parents
  • Myths and facts about tube feeding that address parent concerns
  • Common terms associated with tube feeding
  • Descriptions of different ways to give tube feedings
  • What parents need to know about nasal, gastric, and feeding tubes
  • Getting to know enteral supplies, including color photos of commonly used supplies
  • Questions to ask
  • Basic troubleshooting at home
– Famly and Friends Guide PDF download
  • The family and friends guide is a great resource for familes to share with their loved ones who want to learn how to support them. The guide offers ways to provide emotional and other types of support.
– MOOG Infinity Field Guide PDF download or PDF download

HAND TO HOLD  Official Blog: Written by Parents for Parents

PreemieBabies101 is Hand to Hold’s parent blog that inspired by the many diverse experiences that are common to parents of preemies. If you have a preemie or baby who spent time in the NICU, a child with special needs or a loss – we want you to know that you are not alone.”Hand to Hold fulfills the need for a support group for parents at all stages of the NICU experience – from pre-delivery until long after heading home. This blog was created to provide parents with a safe place to ask questions, find resources, and process emotions about their experiences. Visit the blog here.
  • This guide proves all the information you or another caregiver needs about the Moog Infinity pump.
– Emergency Kit Guide PDF download
  • This guide helps parent and caregivers develop an emergency kit for feeding tubes.