Enteral Feeding and Supplies

URS Medical carries a variety of Feeding Pumps so you can choose the one that accommodates best with your child’s needs! Whether in the hospital or at home, receiving your feeding pump is easy. Our representatives will come directly to you and provide a complete feeding pump in-service. You’ll learn everything you need in order to be fully informed and confident when it comes to enteral feeding!

For the ultimate in portable feeding pumps, we offer the Zevex Infinity and the Kangaroo Joey. The Infinity’s 24-hour battery backup enables you to have to continuous feeds away from home. They Joey’s unique flushing/hydrating feature gives active freedom to all ages of tube-fed patients.

URS Medical also offers feeding bags, extension sets, and all varieties of feeding tubes (G-tubes, NG, GJ, etc.) We can provide all brands of these products along with other specialized items such as: Ferrel bags, syringes, foam dressing, and other supplies to support your nutritional needs.

Pictured below are the pumps URS Medical provides (in order from top to bottom):

1. Infinity Orange (made specifically for breast milk)

2. EnteraLite Infinity

3. Kangaroo Connect

4. Kangaroo Joey