Breast Pump Depot Tablet Security

URS MEDICAL / The Breast Pump Depot attests to the following:

  • URS has contracted with the following companies to ensure that patient information will be safe within the process of distributing information between our facility and the patient’s hospital.
    • ©2018 ProCircular, Inc.
    • ©2018 QliqSOFT, Inc.
    • ©2017 Mirador
  • ProCircular worked alongside URS to provide a general security assessment of our tablet devices. Based on their recommendations we:
    • Have encrypted our device, making it even harder to breach information from the tablet.
    • Have installed enterprise software called Mirador to create greater control of end-user activities.
    • Removed apps that may be a threat to leaking patient information and found new ways of communicating with the hospitals that are HIPAA compliant.
  • QliqSOFT is working alongside URS to allow secure communication with our hospitals. Their services include:
    • Using their android application on our tablets as a way to direct message our workstations quickly and securely.
    • Using their windows application on our workstations to communicate back to the tablets whilst in the field.
    • For more information go to
  • Mirador is working alongside URS to block certain applications and websites from being accessed and keep the users from accidentally breaching our tablet configuration and function.
    • Users are not be able to download applications, search the web, and/or change any settings on the device.
    • Mirador also allows us to quickly and easily track our tablets, add another layer of security before logging in, push app and configurations changes, and completely wipe all data from the tablet.
    • For more information go to

To the best of our knowing, our tablets and the way they communicate, are HIPAA compliant and secure from the breaching of patient information.